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From comprehensive home and business monitoring with Xemote sensors to advanced solar system management with SunShift, discover a seamless integration of technology and convenience.

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Wireless Logging And Control

Streamline your operations with our wireless logging solutions, offering real-time monitoring for temperature, humidity, and more. Ideal for compliance and efficiency in key industries.

SunShift Solar Management

Maximise your solar return on investment with SunShift, dynamically managing solar systems for increased savings and equipment longevity. A plug-and-play solution.

Engineering Services

Bring your tech ideas to life with our engineering services, covering cloud and mobile development from concept to maintenance. Tailored solutions for innovative projects.

Driving The Future Of Connectivity And Energy Efficiency

Innovating For A Smarter Future

At Xemote, we’re dedicated to enhancing your home and business through innovative, intelligent products and services. With a focus on reliability and ease of use, our solutions are designed to meet your specific needs.

Efficiency & Sustainability

Advanced Features For Modern Needs

Explore key features designed to enhance operations and energy management in homes and businesses. Our Wireless loggers, SunShift, and engineering solutions focus on simplicity and optimised performance.


Experience hassle-free setup with our plug-and-play sensors and systems. Get up and running in minutes.


From a single unit to hundreds, our ecosystem scales with your needs.

Engineering Expertise

Leverage our engineering services for custom solutions. Our expert team is ready to bring your vision to life.


Stay informed with real-time data at your fingertips. Receive instant alerts on what matters most.


Automated reporting and personalised insights enable you to make the right decisions.

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What Our Clients Say

We have nothing but praise for the staff and performance of Xemote. All of our queries are always answered and attended to promptly and with professionalism. I can, under all circumstances, praise and rely on great service. It is such a privilege to deal with a professional and efficient company and would recommend their services to every person or company interested in their products!


W Pienaar

IoT Client - In2Food

Xemote provides us with unique process insight at various critical control points.  This significant benefit delivers accurate and actionable real-time information that improves our resource management and optimises production capability through early warning notifications.


A Karan

IoT Client - Karan Beef

This was one of those rare occurrences were I am unable to say what part of this experience was the best. From my initial contact with the company to my latest enquire. It has just been a joy to work with them. The staff is all so friendly and helpful. The speed at what thigs happen is astronomical.


S Engels

SunShift Client

The SunShift is a must for anyone that has a solar system. It works from day one. It works as they design and the real savings is there for everyone to see. Not one problem so far and the system even tells you if you need more batteries or solar panels. Very easy to setup as well.


A Coetzee

SunShift Client

I acquired Xemote’s SunShift device, along with a few other Xemote sensors, a few weeks ago to manage my Sunsynk inverter. From the moment I inquired about the SunShift device and the additional sensors (Temperature for my battery and Kinetic Control Device for the geyser), the Xemote team provided excellent service with technical advice and guidance.


J Mouton

SunShift and IoT Client

If you were considering installing automated digital/wireless temperature monitoring systems for medication refrigerators & ambient temperatures, Xemote makes it easy! One less thing to stress about! It makes the Statutory Body smile too.


S Eksteen

IoT Client, The Local Choice Pharmacy