Supporting Clients Through Turnkey IOT Solutions

"The sole reason we are in business is to make life less difficult for our clients." - Matthew Odgers

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Experience-Based Solutions

With long-term client relationships at the core of Xemote, we have gained expertise in numerous industries. The experience gained has led to tailored solutions which cater to our clients’ needs and practical challenges.

Our 7+ years as an engineering company offering an IoT solution has resulted in an experienced engineering team that is well seasoned in handling unique monitoring needs and providing custom solutions.

Technology Features


The system technology features aim to adhere to our “It Just Works” philosophy. This results in a scalable system with built-in health monitoring, requiring no client setup, that adapts to changing environments and ensures no data loss.


Added Value for our clients

From automated reports to specialised data analysis, we offer a comprehensive range of core services as well as client-specific custom services.

Why Xemote?

It Just Works!

“The best customer service is if the customer doesn’t need to call you, doesn’t need to talk to you. It just works” – Jeff Bezos

Setup and Use

Xemote engineers perform a thorough pre-installation site inspection, installation, and post-installation verification process before sign-off. Furthermore, all device and notification setups are handled by client services, ensuring everything is ready before the client logs in.

Client Service

The in-house design of every component of the Xemote Turnkey solution enables us to provide client services with a 4.9 out of 5 average rating. Equipped with detailed knowledge of the system and advanced background health monitoring we typically know of an issue before the client and resolve it accordingly.

Exceptional Technology

In 2015 Xemote branched off from a South African electronic design company, Xpitec (Pty) Ltd, whose 18 years of defense technology experience has been incorporated into Xemote products, processes, and solutions.

Custom Solutions

With the advantage of having developed the full system, Xemote has total control over each aspect of the solutions offered. This enables customisation of existing products to fit the unique requirements of a client.

Local Support

We provide Cradle to Grave support through our service desk and engineering teams. Xemote focuses on long-term client relationships which extends far past a sale.

Value for money

The core Xemote offerings include more features and functionality at a lower cost compared to our competitors.


Our core business relies heavily on a continuous cold chain from raw materials to the final product. Having numerous fridges and freezers on-site, any maintenance manager’s worst nightmare would be finding a fridge or freezer off, and the product has started to defrost. Before installing the Xemote system, we learnt a hard and expensive lesson. With the sensors in place monitoring has become so much easier, we receive daily snapshots of temperatures and can view live readings of temperatures on my dashboard. Pull reports of different fridges temperatures. Receive emails and SMS’s when temperatures exceed band settings. And with just monitoring the temperatures, I can judge the performance of my compressors and have planned my schedule maintenance accordingly.

The client service I receive from Xemote is just brilliant, they so on the ball, that they keep me on my toes. Since the beginning, they were always just a phone call or email away and would solve any problem efficiently and effectively.

In2Food - Maintenance Manager


We have nothing but praise for the staff and performance of Xemote. All of our queries are always answered and attended to promptly and with professionalism. I can, under all circumstances, praise and rely on great service. It is such a privilege to deal with a professional and efficient company and would recommend their services to every person or company interested in their products!

In2Food - Maintenance Manager


For the years that we are with Xemote, we have never experienced problems that will put our fresh product at risk. It is an utmost pleasure to view all temperature logging on a PC or in the comfort of your own home on your cell phone. The service we have received from Xemote is good, if not perfect, without a doubt.

In2Food - Maintenance Manager


Xemote provides us with unique process insight at various critical control points.  This significant benefit delivers accurate and actionable real-time information that improves our resource management and optimises production capability through early warning notifications.

Karan Beef - Director


The historical data and reports also allow us to identify negative infrastructure operational trends which allows us to implement preventative maintenance schedules. This saves us time and money and prevents expensive downtime.

Renbro Meat - Director


The Xemote Remote Monitoring Application is an excellent tool for the improvement of process control and risk management within our business and we are confident that it will positively contribute to improving our bottom line.

Enterprise Meats - Unit Manager


It is with great pleasure that I have the opportunity to recommend Xemote for affordable Food Production Process Monitoring solutions. Xemote successfully customised and implemented their technology to meet our specific requirements in the monitoring of our retort cooking process.

Rhodes Food Group - Technical Manager


We at Total Funeral Logistics (Pty) ltd write to you with great appreciation and admiration for what Xemote means to our firm and what great value your devices add to our services. In the funeral transport industry, we have to adhere to regulations where temperature monitoring in our refrigerated vehicles is crucial. We need to monitor and prove that the temperatures are below certain levels at all times. With your devices installed in our vehicles, it really has become an effortless safety net for us. We have also gained an edge over our competitors who do not have the luxury that your devices offer. We are extremely grateful to Xemote and wish for a great partnership for years to come.

Total Funeral Logistics - Director


If you were considering installing automated digital/wireless temperature monitoring systems
for medication refrigerators & ambient temperatures, Xemote makes it easy! One less thing
to stress about! It makes the Statutory Body smile too.

Give them a call & explain your needs. The paperwork is seamless & you will be guided if
needed, the training on the dashboard for the analytics, even easier!
You don’t need to log in to the dashboard or the smartphone application– all reports get
emailed to you every day with the last day’s data.

Whenever there is a power failure or the temperatures are out of ranges decided by you, for
a certain period, sms’s & push notifications get sent to numbers/devices chosen by you.

During & after sales service is always extremely efficient, energetic & optimistic.
Hanri is the best!

You will not regret making Xemote part of your operation!

Local Choice Eksteen Pharmacy - Pharmacist and Manager


Ek kan met eerlikheid sê dat die diens nog altyd net wonderllik was. Xemote het my lewe baie makliker gemaak vandat ek oor geskakel het na hulle elektroniese monitoring. Dis maklik, eenvoudig en ek word dadelik in kennis gestel deur ‘n sms as my temperatuur van my yskas te laag daal.

Local Choice Medinorth - Pharmacist and Manager


I have only received quick and efficient customer service from Xemote and will recommend them to any customer.

All our queries are handled with professionalism and met all of our expectations.

Local Choice Cormed- Pharmacist and Manager