Unlocking more productive and sustainable business.

At Xemote, our mission is to enable people to run more productive and sustainable homes and businesses. Xemote is an engineering company that has built an Internet of Things ecosystem from the ground up to empower our clients with additional savings and to increase their market competitiveness.

Our system comprises of a wide range of sensors, an App, a Cloud platform, and renewables optimisation systems. We give our clients actionable insights through our monitoring capabilities and save them time and money through our automated control functionality. Xemote clients are in the loop 24/7 with a system that Just Works.

Why Xemote?

Dedicate yourself to solving real-world problems alongside an epic team in a culture that fosters growth.

Our office first approach.

We have flexible working hours and do not allow work from home except on a case-by-case basis, as we encourage our team to be in the office as much as possible.

We have a team-first approach with an emphasis on an office environment because we believe in fostering spontaneous interaction among our team members at Xemote. Stronger relationships facilitate open communication, constructive feedback, meaningful collaboration, and ultimately, better team performance.

Xemote benefits you.

4 Weeks paid leave

You're working at the top of your game and we trust you to know when to deliver and when to take a break.

Personal Development Fund

We are committed to the individual development of professional staff and providing opportunities for continued career development.

Flexible Work Hours

You have a life outside of Xemote. We’re office-first, but offer flexible work hours and working remotely on a case-by-case basis.

Profit Sharing

Own your outcomes and your rewards. We’re all invested in ensuring our potential growth is realised.

We hire world-class people who care. People who are humble and curious, unafraid to ask a question. We want people that are driven to learn, thrive on challenges and take ownership of their tasks until they are completed.

Xemote's values.

Max velocity.

As a company, we move as quickly as possible. Moving quickly allows us to learn quicker, discover risks earlier, and ultimately outpace our competition. Aligned through clear direction and context, we act rapidly but precisely. Although sometimes uncomfortable, we recognise velocity as the key to Xemote’s continued success.

Efficiency through Collaboration

At Xemote we understand that collaboration propels us forward. A moment of assistance from one team member can accelerate the progress of another, leading to streamlined processes and heightened outcomes. By intertwining our strengths and lending a helping hand, we not only amplify individual achievements but elevate Xemote as a whole. The power of collective progress ensures we’re always one step ahead, together.

Bold informed bets.

From the outset, Xemote has set audacious goals. Constantly questioning the status quo, we recognise innovation as vital for continued success. We take calculated risks; proactively placing bets, we work smartly to tip the odds in our favour. We know that only some bets will provide a return, but we also understand that the cost of not placing bets is much higher.

It Just Works.

“The best customer service is if the customer doesn’t need to call you, doesn’t need to talk to you. It just works” – Jeff Bezos.

Nobody wants to struggle, and we ensure that whatever goes out our doors physically or digitally “just works.” No hassle and no frustrations for anyone interacting with our products and services.


Every good team needs players willing to step up and take ownership of (as opposed to finding an excuse) mistakes or challenges of Every good team needs players willing to take ownership of mistakes or challenges, rather than making excuses.

Are you a good fit for Xemote?

Are you comfortable being uncomfortable?

We’re doing things that have never been done before. There is no playbook. The speed that we’re innovating will push you out of your comfort zone and require you to enjoy being there. We trust our instincts and team, and our resilience and focus keep us moving forward fast. Always fast.

Are you brave enough to fail?

We are not afraid of fearless, fast failure; we welcome it because we learn from it. Our ambitions are bigger than most, and we will achieve them quickly. We take responsibility for our outcomes and prioritise them over output. And if we have to, we know that starting over is just starting from experience.

Are you a humble leader?

Bring your whole self and speak up when you disagree. We’re here for each other, our clients and to drastically improve the world around us. There’s no time for empire-building, no space for the agenda of one, no tolerance for ego.

Are you fixated on growth?

We’re driven to challenge, question, and drive positive change to transform our industry but also our personal lives for the better.

Careers at Xemote.

Software Engineer

Experience required: 0 - 2 years

This role will involve backend as well as frontend work. This role focuses on maintaining, developing, and upgrading the Xemote Cloud Platform. If you enjoy optimising existing systems and having the freedom to design new ones that are appropriately tested and held to a high standard, this may be your role. You will work with Intermediate Software Engineers.

Electronic Engineer

Experience required: 0 - 4 years

This role will involve electronic hardware design and development as well as embedded software development. This role focuses on maintaining, developing, and upgrading the Xemote hardware product range. If you enjoy optimising existing systems and having the freedom to design new ones that are appropriately tested and held to a high standard, this may be your role.

'Expression of Interest' Talent Pool

Experience required: 0 - 99 years

Are you eager to explore opportunities at Xemote, but can’t find the right one advertised today? You’re in the right place. We understand that there may not currently be a role for you here, but we’re still keen on hearing what you could bring to Xemote!

This is an ‘expression of interest’ talent pool so we may not get back to you right away, but you’ll definitely be on our radar!