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Core Advantages

Cutting-Edge Features For Comprehensive Monitoring

Smart Sensor Expansion

Sensors automatically integrate into the Xemote network without client setup.

Simply place the sensor in the desired location and Log in to the Xemote Cloud platform to view your data. With a variety of mounting options, almost any mounting location is possible.

The Xemote Auto-Pairing technology ensures that monitoring begins as soon as the sensor is powered without any human intervention.

The numerous mounting options and sensor types makes installation to be as simple as “sticking” the sensor in the desired location.

No Lost Measurements

No data loss regardless of power or network outages. Xemote sensors are capable of storing data for 3 weeks at a 10-minute measurement interval. The stored data automatically syncs to the cloud platform once connection/power to the gateway is restored.

With the Xemote mobile applications and Web based dashboard, the remote monitoring data is available anywhere in the world, at any time.

All Xemote devices can store data locally if any communication failures or power outages occur. The stored data will be transmitted to the Xemote cloud platform as soon as the communication is restored.

All measurements are stored with the last 3 months of data available at a moments notice, while older data is archived and available on request.

The Gateway has a battery backup that lasts up to 2 days.

All non-AC sensors are fitted with batteries that last 2 – 3 years depending on the installation environment.

Most AC sensors include a battery backup of at least 2 hours.

The Xemote Gateway is fitted with Always-On GSM capability by default, and supports an add-on module for Wi-Fi.

System Health Monitoring

Identify and solve problems with your system before they occur.

The Xemote continuous background health monitoring feature detects issues such as depleting sensor batteries, and notifies the relevant person to resolve the issue before a sensor goes offline.

No human intervention is required to setup replacement devices or calibration swap outs. Once the device swap has been completed the new measurement data will be instantly available.

The Xemote continuous health monitoring ensures that potential system issues are detected and fixed before they become a problem. 

Dynamic Adaptive Network

Uninterrupted operation by dynamically adapting to the current environment.

The Xemote intelligent networking allows sensors to adapt to dynamic environments by Auto-Pairing to Gateways with a stronger reception to ensure monitoring remains uninterrupted.

The Xemote client services performs all setup actions on behalf of the client. Due to the technical complexity of the system client services communicates with clients to ensure the desired outcome is achieved.

Sensor addition is as easy as placing a new sensor in range of a Gateway. All cloud setup is handled by client services while the sensor automatically pairs to the existing system without human intervention.

Configurable Sensors

Sensors can be configured to suit a specific use case.

The standard update rate of 10 minutes is configurable to be more or less as needed.

Sensors such as the current transformer (CT) can be configured for additional notifications based on current profiles.

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Making An Impact Across Industries

L Visagie

Unit Manager

"The Xemote Remote Monitoring Application is an excellent tool for the improvement of process control and risk management within our business and we are confident that it will positively contribute to improving our bottom line."


"Xemote provides us with unique process insight at various critical control points. This significant benefit delivers accurate and actionable real-time information that improves our resource management and optimises production capability through early warning notifications."

A Karan


C May

Maintenance Manager

"Our core business relies heavily on a continuous cold chain from raw materials to the final product. Having numerous fridges and freezers on-site, any maintenance manager’s worst nightmare would be finding a fridge or freezer off, and the product has started to defrost. Before installing the Xemote system, we learnt a hard and expensive lesson. With the sensors in place monitoring has become so much easier, we receive daily snapshots of temperatures and can view live readings of temperatures on my dashboard. Pull reports of different fridges temperatures. Receive emails and SMS’s when temperatures exceed band settings. And with just monitoring the temperatures, I can judge the performance of my compressors and have planned my schedule maintenance accordingly. "


"I have only received quick and efficient customer service from Xemote and will recommend them to any customer."

D Ross