Wireless Logging and Control

Streamline Your Operations With Smart Wireless Loggers.

Real-time logging of temperature, humidity, and more, across any scale.

Core Advantages

Why Our Wireless Loggers Stand Out


Deploy our wireless solutions effortlessly, with no complex setup required, ensuring you're up and running in no time.

Scalable Ecosystem

Easily expand your monitoring capabilities as your needs grow. With our auto pairing technology, adding a sensor is as simple as placing it in range of Xemote Gateway.

Real-Time Alerts

Stay informed with instant notifications on critical changes or thresholds, enabling proactive management and immediate action.

Automated Reporting

Through our daily, weekly and monthly automated reports for audit compliance, performance analysis, or environmental monitoring, you save time and resources.

Long Battery Life

Benefit from sensors with extended battery life, reducing maintenance frequency and ensuring continuous monitoring.

Wireless Connectivity

Enjoy the flexibility of wireless sensors that ensure data integrity and provide operational insights without the hassle of wired installations.

Industry Insights

Tailored Logging For Industry-Specific Needs

Food Production

Ensure the safety and quality of your food products with our precise monitoring solutions. Track temperature, humidity, and more to meet strict industry regulations.


Protect the efficacy of pharmaceuticals with accurate monitoring of storage environments. Our solutions help you comply with regulations.

Food Retail

Optimise your retail operations with real-time insights into environmental conditions, ensuring product integrity and customer satisfaction.


Streamline warehousing efficiency with environmental monitoring that protects goods and reduces waste. Make informed decisions with data-driven insights.

Real Results, Real Impact

Making An Impact Across Industries

L Visagie

Unit Manager

"The Xemote Remote Monitoring Application is an excellent tool for the improvement of process control and risk management within our business and we are confident that it will positively contribute to improving our bottom line."


"Xemote provides us with unique process insight at various critical control points. This significant benefit delivers accurate and actionable real-time information that improves our resource management and optimises production capability through early warning notifications."

A Karan


C May

Maintenance Manager

"Our core business relies heavily on a continuous cold chain from raw materials to the final product. Having numerous fridges and freezers on-site, any maintenance manager’s worst nightmare would be finding a fridge or freezer off, and the product has started to defrost. Before installing the Xemote system, we learnt a hard and expensive lesson. With the sensors in place monitoring has become so much easier, we receive daily snapshots of temperatures and can view live readings of temperatures on my dashboard. Pull reports of different fridges temperatures. Receive emails and SMS’s when temperatures exceed band settings. And with just monitoring the temperatures, I can judge the performance of my compressors and have planned my schedule maintenance accordingly. "


"I have only received quick and efficient customer service from Xemote and will recommend them to any customer."

D Ross


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