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All Xemote devices form part of the same ecosystem and have been designed to withstand dynamic industrial environments. The devices cater to a wide variety of sensing applications with more in development.


The Xemote Gateways communicate with all Xemote sensors and sends sensor measurement data to the Xemote Cloud Platform.

WirelessTemperature Sensors

The Xemote temperature sensors are suitable for temperature monitoring between -55°C and 125°C. Temperatures outside this range are catered for by industry-standard 4-20mA sensing elements that interface with the Xemote 4-20mA sensor.


The Xemote humidity sensors are capable of a 0.2% accuracy for readings between 10% and 90% relative humidity. Industrial environments are catered for by the IP67 rated Xemote humidity sensor.

WirelessAC CurrentMeter

The Xemote current transformer sensors are capable of monitoring between 0A and 100A with configurable update rates and On/Off trigger levels.


The Xemote event-based sensors post their data on a 10-minute update rate and whenever an event occurs. This ensures no events are missed.

WirelessInfrared BeamSensors

The Xemote IR sensors are perfect for industrial doors where a magnetic door contact is not sufficient. 


The Xemote 4-20mA sensors are capable of connecting to industry-standard 4-20mA sensing elements such as pressure, temperature, CO2, Air Quality, liquid level, force, and flow.


The Xemote accessories compliment the sensing range as plug-in modules for the gateway. These plugins provide additional functionality such as Wi-Fi communication and AC presence monitoring.


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L Visagie

Unit Manager

"The Xemote Remote Monitoring Application is an excellent tool for the improvement of process control and risk management within our business and we are confident that it will positively contribute to improving our bottom line."


"Xemote provides us with unique process insight at various critical control points. This significant benefit delivers accurate and actionable real-time information that improves our resource management and optimises production capability through early warning notifications."

A Karan


C May

Maintenance Manager

"Our core business relies heavily on a continuous cold chain from raw materials to the final product. Having numerous fridges and freezers on-site, any maintenance manager’s worst nightmare would be finding a fridge or freezer off, and the product has started to defrost. Before installing the Xemote system, we learnt a hard and expensive lesson. With the sensors in place monitoring has become so much easier, we receive daily snapshots of temperatures and can view live readings of temperatures on my dashboard. Pull reports of different fridges temperatures. Receive emails and SMS’s when temperatures exceed band settings. And with just monitoring the temperatures, I can judge the performance of my compressors and have planned my schedule maintenance accordingly. "


"I have only received quick and efficient customer service from Xemote and will recommend them to any customer."

D Ross