Optimising Solar Energy With Smart Technology

Dive into the mechanics of SunShift and see how our system brings unparalleled efficiency and savings to your solar setup.

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What Value Does SunShift Have For You?

SunShift works by smartly managing your solar power system with cutting-edge technology to ensure you get the maximum benefit from your investment. Here’s how it delivers its value:

Intelligent Battery Management:

SunShift continuously monitors the energy being produced by your solar panels and the energy usage in your home. Using this data, it decides the best times to store energy in the batteries and when to use it. This helps in minimizing your dependence on costly grid power by maximizing the use of cheaper solar energy.

Ensuring Power During Outages

One of SunShift’s smart features is its ability to predict and prepare for power outages, like load shedding. It manages your stored energy so that there is always enough battery power available to keep your lights on and your appliances running during these outages, ensuring you’re never without power.

Protecting Your Investment

Many solar systems are not set up optimally, which can lead to early wear and tear on batteries. SunShift checks that your solar system’s settings are within warranty requirements, which protects your batteries from damage due to overcharging or excessive discharge. This not only helps in maintaining the health and longevity of your batteries but also ensures that your system is always running efficiently.

How SunShift Works: Step-By-Step

Operational Breakdown

Step 1: Comprehensive System Audit

Upon installation, SunShift conducts a detailed audit of your system’s settings against manufacturer and NRS specifications.

This ensures all configurations are compliant and identifies any discrepancies with the information provided through the Xemote app.

Any mismatches prompt direct contact from a Xemote representative to verify and rectify the data before proceeding.

Step 2: System
Settings Update

Following the audit, SunShift updates all identified non-compliant settings to align with manufacturer and NRS specifications.

This step is crucial for ensuring your system operates efficiently and within warranty guidelines, setting the foundation for optimal energy management.

Step 3: Conservative Optimisation and Learning

In its first week, SunShift carefully monitors inverter data while applying conservative battery usage and charging optimisations.

The goal is to maintain readiness for load shedding, albeit with potential over-charging, to guarantee power availability.

SunShift learns your electricity usage patterns during this period to refine its management strategies.

Step 4: Advanced Battery Management and Usage Predictions

Entering active management, SunShift leverages usage predictions to make informed decisions about battery charging and usage.

Depending on anticipated electricity needs, weather conditions, and load shedding schedules, it optimises whether to charge batteries from the grid or solar and determines the optimal charge level.

Real-World Example

SunShift Navigating Load Shedding

Imagine facing a scheduled load shedding event from 6 AM to 10 AM, a critical period for many households and businesses. SunShift evaluates the upcoming power outage, weather forecasts for solar production, and your predicted energy usage to determine the best strategy for maintaining power without unnecessary grid reliance.

Case 1: Sufficient Backup Power

In this scenario, SunShift predicts adequate solar production for the day and considers the current battery levels sufficient to bridge the early morning load shedding period until the sun begins to generate power.

Trusting in the solar and usage predictions , it decides against charging the batteries from the grid, optimising for energy savings and reducing carbon footprint.

Case 2: Insufficient Backup Power

Alternatively, when SunShift identifies a forecast of limited solar production due to overcast conditions, combined with insufficient battery reserves to outlast the load shedding window, it proactively decides to charge the batteries from the grid during off-peak hours prior to the outage.

This strategic move guarantees that the plant maintains power throughout the load shedding event, prioritising energy availability and comfort. SunShift’s decision to utilise grid power in this instance underlines its commitment to providing uninterrupted service, even when solar resources are predicted to be inadequate.

Ready To Elevate Your Solar Energy Management?

Real Results, Real Impact

Success In Action

N Pieters

Trustpilot Review

"I ordered my SunShift device from Xemote and received it two days later via The Courier Guy. It was easy to remove my Deye inverter’s WiFi dongle and connect the SunShift cable. Adding my home setup to the Xemote app was easy with no glitches. Now, a week later and I can already see the app reporting my rand savings. I notice too that my batteries are no longer discharged below 50%. This is one of the main reasons I purchased SunShift to extend the lifetime of my batteries. I made a mistake with the type of batteries I have and their support staff contacted me the next day to verify this mismatch. This was quickly rectified. I am impressed by their service!"


"I have been struggling with my inverter settings since the day I installed solar in my home. Keeping up to date with the latest load shedding times and then having to go and change that system modes table myself everyday as a female that isn’t very tech savvy it became quite a shlep so much so that I had to ask my son to do it for me each day. I then came across Sunshift through a friend that had it installed.

It’s the best investment I could have ever done this year and I can rest knowing that my batteries are being looked after and I have already saved 45% on my electricity bill so far. I can’t recommend SunShift enough.

Good job to the entire team for this development it’s going to change South Africa!"

L Nel

Trustpilot Review

J Mouton

Google Review

"I acquired Xemote's SunShift device, along with a few other sensors, a few weeks ago to control my Sunsynk inverter. The SunShift device has proven to be a game-changer in optimizing energy delivery and safeguarding the batteries to ensure long-term reliability.

What sets Xemote apart is their exceptional client service. From the moment I inquired about the SunShift device and the additional Xemote sensors (Temperature and Kinetic Control Device), their team demonstrated expertise, guidance, and provided clear instructions. Xemote delivered customer-centric service, and so far, SunShift lives up to the innovative automatic solar manager the company claims it to be.

I recommend it to anyone looking to enhance the efficiency and longevity of their solar setup."


"Received the Sunshift Device in record time! From placing the order, receiving exceptional presales support, swift delivery, the exciting unboxing experience, seamless installation, to activation – every step was a delightful pleasure! Kudos to the team for providing such an outstanding experience. Excitedly anticipating the incredible benefits Sunshift will bring!"

A Vorster

Trustpilot Review