Frequently Asked Questions About SunShift

Your guide to understanding how SunShift enhances, manages, and protects your solar investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

SunShift is an innovative solar system management solution designed to optimize the performance and efficiency of your solar installation. It dynamically adjusts settings based on weather conditions, energy usage, and load shedding schedules to ensure you get the most out of your solar investment.

SunShift maximises your solar energy savings, ensures your system operates within manufacturer specifications for warranty compliance, and offers independence from inverter manufacturers’ cloud services, providing a more reliable and uninterrupted solar management experience.

SunShift intelligently prepares your batteries for scheduled load shedding if there is not enough solar to supply the predicted load.

SunShift currently supports SunSynk and Deye inverters. SunShift is designed to work with a wide range of inverters and solar systems and is continuously updated to support new models and technologies, ensuring broad compatibility. 

SunShift requires an internet connection, so it has a built-in roaming SIM to ensure you are always online. You can also add Wi-Fi connectivity for a dual network solution.

In the case of a lost connection, SunShift will revert to a safe mode to ensure your batteries are sufficiently prepared in case a power outage occurs. 

Once communication is re-established, more optimised control will automatically resume. 

Optimising battery usage and charging settings can reduce reliance on grid electricity and maintain your system within operational specifications. 

SunShift significantly enhances your solar return on investment by lowering bills and extending the life of your solar components.

Future developments include load control, where high usage loads such as geysers can be automatically controlled to make use of excess solar power when available to reduce electricity bills further. 

SunShift stands out by offering a plug-and-play solution that provides real-time, dynamic optimization without being tied to specific inverter brands, backed by dedicated local support and maintenance.

It’s designed to protect your solar investment and ensure compliance with warranties and has no reliance on unreliable third party cloud platforms.

Absolutely, SunShift is scalable and versatile enough to be effectively used in both residential and commercial solar installations, offering tailored solutions to meet different energy demands and system sizes.

Yes, SunShift offers a user-friendly mobile app for iOS and Android devices. This app allows you to monitor your solar system’s performance and receive alerts from anywhere.

Technical Questions

SunShift uses predictive analytics, taking into account real-time weather forecasts, solar production data, load shedding schedules, and your energy consumption patterns.

It then dynamically adjusts your inverter settings to optimise energy production and usage, ensuring maximum efficiency throughout the day.

SunShift monitors a comprehensive range of data, including solar energy production, battery charge levels, consumption patterns, weather conditions, and grid availability. This data is crucial for making real-time adjustments and long-term efficiency improvements.

SunShift intelligently manages your battery storage by analysing usage patterns and solar production forecasts to decide the best times to charge or discharge the batteries. This not only maximises savings but also prolongs battery life by avoiding unnecessary stress.

Yes, SunShift is designed to automatically adapt to changing weather conditions and shifts in energy demand. Its predictive algorithms adjust settings preemptively to ensure you’re always running on the most efficient energy strategy.

SunShift prioritises data security by employing advanced encryption standards for data transmission and storage.

By ensuring that your solar system operates within optimal parameters and manufacturer specifications, SunShift prevents overuse and unnecessary strain on the equipment. This careful management helps extend the lifespan of your inverter and batteries.

Under development.

Load management will be possible through existing Xemote control devices and integrations with home automation systems, such as eWelink, CBI, and Home Assistant.

These integrations enable smarter, more efficient energy usage across all your connected devices.

If there is no Wi-Fi, GSM, or LTE network connection, SunShift will revert to safe mode and locally change battery settings to prepare in case of an outage.

Once the network connection is re-established, intelligent control will resume automatically. 

Support Questions

SunShift provides comprehensive support services, including technical assistance, system troubleshooting, and user guidance. Our dedicated support team is available via phone, email, and whatsapp to ensure your system operates flawlessly.

You can reach out to our SunShift support team through multiple channels: directly via our website contact form, by emailing our dedicated support address (, or by calling our customer services 012 665 1122. Our goal is to make support accessible and responsive for all users.

Yes, SunShift systems come with a limited warranty covering the hardware components against manufacturing defects for a one year. Please refer to our terms and conditions documentation or contact our support team for detailed warranty terms and conditions.

In the unlikely event of a system issue, our support team is ready to assist. We’ll diagnose the problem remotely when possible and provide a swift resolution.

SunShift is a very easy, no-risk device to install, and if you need any help, our support team is available with telephone installation support.

Please refer to our Returns Policy for more information regarding returns and refunds.

Pricing and Subscription Questions

SunShift’s pricing model includes a one-time fee for the hardware required and a monthly subscription fee that covers access to the SunShift platform, dedicated customer support, and ongoing system optimisation features.

Yes, customers who opt for annual subscription payments benefit from a discount, receiving two months free compared to monthly payments. This option provides both savings and convenience for users committed to optimizing their solar energy usage over the long term.

We strive for flexibility and customer satisfaction, so you can cancel your SunShift subscription at any time. However, to avoid disruptions in service and support, we recommend discussing your needs with our team before cancellation.

Transparency is a cornerstone of our service. The pricing for SunShift is upfront about the one-time hardware fee and the ongoing subscription charges. There are no hidden fees; taxes and any potential shipping costs for the hardware will be clearly communicated during the purchase process.

The subscription fee is essential for covering our cloud platform’s operational and development costs and ensuring ongoing maintenance.

Our cloud platform is at the heart of our business, enabling us to provide a reliable, continuously improving service. Without this fee, we risk delivering an unmaintained and unmanaged platform, leading to unreliable service — a common issue with the ‘free’ apps.

The fee ensures our platform remains top-notch, expanding and evolving to meet your needs.

The SunShift subscription service ensures your solar management system is always running optimally. It includes continuous system monitoring, predictive maintenance alerts, continuous improvements, and expert support to maximise your solar investment’s performance and longevity.

We aim to maintain stable pricing for our subscription services. Any potential future changes would be communicated well in advance and would reflect enhancements to the SunShift platform that add further value to your solar energy management.

Currently, SunShift does not offer a trial period for the subscription service due to the hardware installation requirement.

However, we provide detailed consultations to ensure SunShift aligns with your needs before you commit. Book Now.

Should you decide to cancel your subscription, your data remains yours. We provide a grace period of one month for you to download any data you need. Post-cancellation, we ensure your data is securely deleted from our systems in compliance with privacy laws.

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