Straightforward Pricing For Solar Management

Invest in SunShift with a one-time hardware fee and enjoy ongoing enhancements with our monthly subscription. Opt for annual payment and save more.


R 0

Once-off hardware fee

One device is needed per inverter.

R 0 *

Per month

Subscription purchased on the Xemote Mobile app.

*Pay yearly and get 2 months free.

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Other fees

No funny business.

Why Invest In SunShift

Secure your solar system’s future with SunShift. Enjoy independence, local support, and unmatched savings, all while protecting your investment.

Local Support And Maintenance

Benefit from dedicated local support and comprehensive maintenance services.

Our expert team is on standby to provide personalised assistance, ensuring your system operates smoothly and any issues are resolved promptly with the familiarity and care only local support can offer.

Independence From Manufacturers

Break free from dependency on inverter manufacturers’ clouds and their associated errors.

SunShift offers a reliable, self-sufficient monitoring platform that puts control back in your hands, ensuring consistent, uninterrupted access to your solar system's performance data.

Cost Savings And ROI

Embrace significant cost savings and an attractive return on investment with SunShift.

Our intelligent solar management system maximizes your energy efficiency, reducing your reliance on grid power and lowering your electricity bills, all while offering two months free for annual subscribers.

Peace Of Mind And Investment Protection

Gain peace of mind knowing not only that your solar system is performing optimally but also that your investment is secure.

SunShift meticulously manages your system within inverter and battery manufacturer specifications, safeguarding warranty compliance and enhancing the longevity of your equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing Questions

You can purchase your SunShift unit directly from our website. You will be redirected to a payment gateway, secured by Paystack, to process your online payment. 

You will need one SunShift device per inverter, even though the master controls the slave’s settings.

The reason for needing two devices is that even though SunShift only needs to update the settings on the master, it cannot read the slave information from the master inverter.

If your setup is not perfectly balanced (same battery bank, shared panels, shared aux input, etc.), then we need the information from the slave as well in order to automate the system.

The subscription fee is handled separately on the Xemote mobile app and runs monthly or yearly on the anniversary of your first subscription. 

The subscription fee is an all-inclusive price for the optimisation service, which encompasses data storage, processing, notifications, personalised insight reporting, and more.

In the box, you will find:

  • 1x SunShift device.
  • 1x Communication cable.
  • 2x Antennas.
  • 1x Quick start guide.
  • 1x Power supply.

You can cancel your subscription at any time. Your SunShift system will continue optimising your solar system until the subscription’s original renewal date. 

Please refer to our Returns Policy for more information regarding returns and refunds.

Still Have Questions?

Join one of our weekly Webinar info sessions for all the answers.

Real Results, Real Impact

Success In Action

N Pieters

Trustpilot Review

"I ordered my SunShift device from Xemote and received it two days later via The Courier Guy. It was easy to remove my Deye inverter’s WiFi dongle and connect the SunShift cable. Adding my home setup to the Xemote app was easy with no glitches. Now, a week later and I can already see the app reporting my rand savings. I notice too that my batteries are no longer discharged below 50%. This is one of the main reasons I purchased SunShift to extend the lifetime of my batteries. I made a mistake with the type of batteries I have and their support staff contacted me the next day to verify this mismatch. This was quickly rectified. I am impressed by their service!"


"I have been struggling with my inverter settings since the day I installed solar in my home. Keeping up to date with the latest load shedding times and then having to go and change that system modes table myself everyday as a female that isn’t very tech savvy it became quite a shlep so much so that I had to ask my son to do it for me each day. I then came across Sunshift through a friend that had it installed.

It’s the best investment I could have ever done this year and I can rest knowing that my batteries are being looked after and I have already saved 45% on my electricity bill so far. I can’t recommend SunShift enough.

Good job to the entire team for this development it’s going to change South Africa!"

L Nel

Trustpilot Review

J Mouton

Google Review

"I acquired Xemote's SunShift device, along with a few other sensors, a few weeks ago to control my Sunsynk inverter. The SunShift device has proven to be a game-changer in optimizing energy delivery and safeguarding the batteries to ensure long-term reliability.

What sets Xemote apart is their exceptional client service. From the moment I inquired about the SunShift device and the additional Xemote sensors (Temperature and Kinetic Control Device), their team demonstrated expertise, guidance, and provided clear instructions. Xemote delivered customer-centric service, and so far, SunShift lives up to the innovative automatic solar manager the company claims it to be.

I recommend it to anyone looking to enhance the efficiency and longevity of their solar setup."


"Received the Sunshift Device in record time! From placing the order, receiving exceptional presales support, swift delivery, the exciting unboxing experience, seamless installation, to activation – every step was a delightful pleasure! Kudos to the team for providing such an outstanding experience. Excitedly anticipating the incredible benefits Sunshift will bring!"

A Vorster

Trustpilot Review